The idea of one-on-one discipleship is not necessarily a new one. It was practiced in the days of Jesus. While Jesus is considered by many to be a small-group leader because He instructed a small group of followers, He did personally mentor and develop those who would later be in charge of His ministry, the local church. That is what the idea of reproducible one-on-one discipleship is all about. Discipleship is simply meeting together with another person-caring for each other, encouraging each other and learning God’s word together.
The Christian life is more than just a destination (heaven); it is a journey. It is on this journey that we experience spiritual maturing and growing our faith. God has set a goal for each of His children: to be conformed to the image of His Son. The only tool that He has left to accomplish this goal is His MINISTRY of discipleship.

When and Where:

A disciple and discipler meet together every week at whatever location they choose. At these one-on-one private meetings both the discipler and the disciple are able to exchange challenges they’re facing and encourage each other in the Word. The timeframe may vary from meeting to meeting but is set by the discipler and disciple. At these meetings both parties are learning God’s Word and reciting bible verses that are being studied in each lesson, as well as the specific prayers that have been answered since the last meeting.

Contents of Discipleship Manual:

Our “Journey” discipleship manual includes ten lessons. Each lesson is very theological in nature and contains balanced elements of scripture reading, writing, and memorization.

Lesson one: Salvation
Lesson two: Assurance of Salvation
Lesson three: Prayer
Lesson four: The Local Church
Lesson five: Discipleship

Individual discipleship training begins here in lesson five and continues on until the completion of lesson nine. No additional training classes are necessary as the discipler personally teaches the disciple to become a discipler. Each discipling relationship ends when the disciple is discipling another!

Lesson six: The Future
Lesson seven: Spiritual Growth
Lesson eight: Faith
Lesson nine: Words
Lesson ten: Loving God

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